The Bethe Ansatz

The Bethe Ansatz

Models, methods and results

This site presents a collection of online resources on the Bethe Ansatz and related concepts used in the study of integrable models of quantum mechanics.

The aim is to provide a compendium of models, methods and results on these (in many ways) exceptional many-body systems, in order to make their fascinating physics accessible to a wider audience.

From the reader, a minimal undergraduate-level knowledge of quantum mechanics and of statistical mechanics is assumed. The material is presented in gradually increasing levels of difficulty: important concepts and methods are first introduced using the simplest available model, and therafter adapted or extended to others. Material of a more advanced or specialized nature is relegated to higher-level subsections.

You will find more details on the style and format in the Notes to the reader section.

This site is (and will remain) an open-ended construction project.

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