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1930.Bloch.ZP.61 1930.Bloch.ZP.61

F. Bloch, Zur Theorie des Ferromagnetismus, Zeit. für Physik 61, 206 (1930), doi:10.1007/BF01339661.

Extended data  
Author Felix Bloch
Title Zur Theorie des Ferromagnetismus
Journal Zeitschrift für Physik
Volume 61
Pages 206-219
Year 1930
doi 10.1007/BF01339661
Publication date 1930-03
Submission date 1930-02-01
	author = {F. Bloch},
	title = {{Zur Theorie des Ferromagnetismus}},
	journal = {Z. Phys.},
	year = {1930},
	volume = {61},
	pages = {206}

Missing out on eternal fame: Bloch makes the fateful (over)simplification after equation (8b) on p. 211: to quote, Dies suchen wir näherungsweise zu lösen, indem wir… die N Gleichungen (8b) weglassen, i.e. These we try to solve approximately, … by neglecting the N conditions (8b).

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